Andrew Garfield is currently performing on Broadway in Death Of A Salesman. Emma Stone apparently met with Rob Marshall yesterday in New York and many are now speculating that she’s being considered for a role in Marshall’s film adaptation of Into The Woods. Oh, can you imagine the nattering from the theatre geeks?

Ask them. What’s your favourite musical?

A lot of them would say Into The Woods. Most of them would have to at least mention it. That was my experience when I interviewed countless theatre people (all demos) for the Smash junket in January and they all gave the same answer.

How do you think they’ll receive Emma Stone? As Little Red Ridinghood? Cinderella? I mean, fine, I am a fan of hers, sure, but, like, is it all that imaginative? (Duana must be raging all the way from Florida.)

Here are Emma and Andrew hand in hand, arm in arm, out for lunch today. God, I love them.