Will Butler just released a new video for his song Anna. And it’s basically Emma Stone dancing her way around a cruise ship. As you can/will see, she’s delightful. And expressive, expressive in a way we haven’t seen much from her, which is saying something because Emma Stone is already pretty expressive.

But she gets to play up the full drama here, the over-the-top drama, the manic kind of drama, without being off-putting, because she’s Emma Stone, still cute and quirky. And obviously doesn’t take herself too seriously; there’s nothing self-conscious here.

There is however, and maybe it’s just me, some Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction – can you see it? Particularly when she’s being shot from below, while dancing on the bar. Let me know if you catch that too.

Here’s Emma on the La La Land set yesterday with Ryan Gosling. They’re singing and dancing in this film too. So the video is, perhaps, kind of a preview?