Emma Stone carries “Andrew Garfield”

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 30, 2015 14:15:30 April 30, 2015 14:15:30

Emma Stone was photographed leaving her stylist’s yesterday with several bags, one of them with “Andrew Garfield” written on it. So…

Maybe not broken up after all?

Petra Flannery works with both Emma and Andrew. And Andrew is currently still shooting Scorsese’s Silence in Taiwan, although that’s supposed to be wrapping up soon. As I’ve previously discussed, E!, PEOPLE, and US have all reported that the two are kind of sort of on a break, or a breakup, all of them leaving the door open in their stories for a reconciliation, which is the gossip equivalent of covering your tracks, because these two don’t give much away. Needless to say though, the shippers are taking this as a very positive sign.

As for why she was seeing her stylist – Emma will be heading to Cannes in a couple of weeks in support of Woody Allen’s Irrational Man. I can tell you that her moment on that red carpet, which will be her first time, will be one of my highlights. The film on the other hand…

The first trailer for Irrational Man was released yesterday. Every f-cking second of it is annoying, even the Emma parts, and you know, you know I adore her. But she’s not playing a real person here. She’s playing Woody Allen’s version of The Perfect Girl to his neurotic philosopher (Joaquin Phoenix) who’s forgotten the meaning of life. It’s refreshing, I guess, to see Joaquin being “cute” for a change. But that’s not enough to make up for how frustrating it is to see all the women orbit him, nothing more than satellites. OF COURSE his name is Abe Lucas. I hate this movie already and that’s probably unfair but I can’t help it.

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