Emma Stone is Woody Allen’s current muse. She was there to introduce his tribute. In front of an audience full of his muses: Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett…

That’s not sh-tty company. Half an hour later, Blanchett won for her work in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. So, at 25 years old, it’s not surprising that Emma said yes. That so many of them keep saying yes. Not when they keep setting examples for each other. If Emma says no, what if, like, what if Keira Knightley doesn’t? And what if Keira ends up winning?

Is it a memorable dress, this Chanel that she’s wearing? Many are calling it boring. And I love it. I love that it’s so stylish. I love that it’s perfect for the occasion, for her job at the event. I love that it doesn’t have to try – either you know it’s exquisite or you don’t. But she’s not shoving it up in your face and making you want to punch her. We already have a target for that.

Emma’s back to red again. Whoever does her colour is really good at it.