Let’s first group hug over how cute these two are. Attached - Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hand in hand at LAX yesterday presumably heading back to New York for the Tony Awards this weekend where he’s been nominated for his work in Death Of A Salesman. He is considered to be the favourite. Can’t decide if I do or don’t want him to mention her during his acceptance if he wins. Here’s what he said about her recently in an interview about Spider-Man in Entertainment Weekly:

“Being with Emma was just as fun as swinging through buildings, because it felt like the same amount of exhilaration. I don't know about chemistry. That's a scientific word and unquantifiable. As soon as you start to define it, it evaporates.” (Source)

God I love them.

I love that they’re not jumping into dumpsters trying to avoid being photographed. I love that they’re not humping each other on red carpets either. They just are: together, in love, happy, not inviting the attention but not coy about it either. You act as normally as you can. You don’t do anything extra and you don’t fight the interest.

But do I think it’s a little early to be giving her a Trailblazer trophy?

Um, YES.

Big fan of Emma Stone. Big, big, big. But, I mean, give them some goals, you know? Is this what we are now? Instant gratification at award shows?

Having said that, where award shows are concerned, she should present at all of them. She was delightful at the Movie Awards this weekend and she was SO delightful at the Oscars a few months ago. Even the Jolie loved her! You forgot? Here (before they take it down):

The 84th Annual Academy Awards: Emma Stone & Ben... by YouL00K

Or click here.

Put the award receiving on hold for a while. But let her give them out. All the time. (Just not at the Tonys to her boyfriend because that might be a little too twee.)