La La Land, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, was recently pushed back to December, making it a possible awards season contender. By the time it comes out then, it’ll have been 18 months since we’ve seen Emma Stone in theatres. It’s been 6 months now that she’s kept a relatively low profile after wrapping on La La Land. She gets papped at the gym once or twice a week – see the latest shots below – but for the most part, it’s been quiet, though that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been making some career moves.

Emma’s spent her time training for Battle Of The Sexes. She’s to play Billie Jean King opposite Steve Carell’s Bobby Riggs. Half the work then has been to get in tennis shape. Which, I’m sure, has its challenges but also…can you imagine getting paid to become a better tennis player? Battle Of The Sexes is due out some time in 2017 so, presumably, she’ll start shooting by summer.

It was also announced a few days ago that Emma and Jonah Hill will be working together again on a Netflix series called Maniac to be directed by Cary Fukunaga. Given the talent involved, it’s not surprising that Maniac has been ordered straight to series for 10 episodes. Emma and Jonah play patients in a mental institution and will also be producing. It’s supposed to be a “dark comedy”. No kidding. They’ve yet to bring on a writer though for the project which means there’s still a lot of time before they even begin production.

I do like how she seems to be slowing down her work schedule. For a while there it was back to back to back to back, at least two or three releases a year, establishing herself as one of the top actors in the business. So she’s earned her gaps.

Not going to lie, it did cross my mind, though. Emma and Cary Fukunaga, OMG… ?