Right after her Cannes debut, Emma Stone flew to London to join Bradley Cooper to promote Aloha. She returned to LA yesterday. On Saturday though, at the screening, fans noticed that she had a couple of significant guests. Before we get to that though, let’s recap the situation so far:

STAR Magazine reported first that Emma and Andrew Garfield were done, because they haven’t been photographed together in a while. That kicked off a pile-on from several other outlets not wanting to get caught behind the story. Click here for a refresher.

Then Emma left her stylist’s office with a bag that had Andrew’s name marked on it. Click here for a refresher on that.

And now his parents show up at her premiere – start at the 0:07 mark and you’ll get to her warmly greeting a couple, that’s them.

Andrew has finished filming Martin Scorsese’s Silence in Taiwan. So if he’s back in LA very shortly, this mystery should be resolved soon enough. And god I do hope they’re still together. Not only because I like them but because it’s a great case study for how magazines and entertainment outlets scramble to match each other when they’re worried about being out-gossiped.