Emma Stone attended the Golden Globes because The Help was nominated for Best Picture. So...she wasn’t up for an individual award (like last year) but, being a pretty important name now, she was allowed to attend and to sit at a front table and enjoy the evening with the team (unlike Anna Kendrick who, as Sarah mentioned during the liveblog, isn’t enough of a heavyweight, and in her supporting role, to have been granted a seat with the 50/50 people).

So it’s a tricky thing, picking something appropriate to wear for such an occasion. You don’t go for flash at a time like this. You don’t say “me” with your gown. Instead, you choose what I’m calling an Ensemble Dress. It’s a dress that says you’re just here as part of the collective. It fits well, it’s distinctive enough (the eagle!), but it doesn’t scream ME STAR ME. And I love this about Emma Stone. She doesn’t want us to think she believes her own press.