It’s not my favourite; this silhouette never is. Perhaps on someone else I’d be more annoyed than I am. But because it’s Emma Stone, and she has demonstrated a willingness to try new shapes and lines, to not be boxed into one particular look, I’ve a lot more patience for it than, say, if this was worn by Reese Witherspoon. You see the difference now?

You know what I have loved though about Emma this entire award season? She hasn’t been nominated individually for anything. And so it should be. She is however, arguably, the most recognisable name. And the one with the biggest career. But you wouldn’t know it the way she carries herself at these events. She is never louder, brighter, brasher, funnier, more charming, more present, more available or more unavailable, more remarkable, and more anything than anyone else. And it’s not like she goes out of her way to be low key either which, sometimes, very obviously, can have the opposite effect. (Think Kristen Stewart)

In a town full of narcissists, it takes a very special kind of graciousness, at her age too, to be able to pull this off. Lindsay Lohan for example would have charged the podium and banished Viola Davis by now. This is the kind of behaviour that will serve Emma well going forward. She is making a lot of friends. More importantly, she’s not making any enemies.