Emma Stone will be heading to Cannes this year, her first time ever, with Woody Allen’s Irrational Man. And she’ll have to do some promotion for Aloha. But since wrapping up her Broadway run in Cabaret in February, she’s actually been pretty light on schedule. Down time. And relaxing. Which is good in her case because I feel like, by celebrity standards, she’s maintained a relentless pace. So this is encouraging to see her heading to yoga so often, taking care of her body.

And now I guess we have to talk about Andrew Garfield. According to US Weekly, it’s definitely done. Not a break, but over. She apparently broke up with him while he was preparing for his role in Martin Scorsese’s Silence, even before he left to shoot in Taiwan, because he was getting too dark, too intense. Not a major departure from the vague details we’ve had so far. But those who are inclined to believe that the end really did happen are wondering, with all the aforementioned free time, why she hasn’t been to visit.

If we’re playing that game though, what’s the appropriate mourning period before going to the Gossip Genie for next? Have we ever thought about a Gossip Genie situation involving Emma Stone and Jake Gyllenhaal, a Cannes judge, in the South of France? Because I could live there. I could really, really live there.