Emma Stone is featured in the new issue of WSJ Magazine to promote Irrational Man. It’s Manic Pixie Dream Girl…the interview. At one point she pops a sugar cube in her mouth, just because it’s a cute thing that she does. And she tells a story about how she f-cked up a beauty roundtable once by talking about decomposing bodies. The writer clearly adores her. But you know what’s amazing?

It’s not annoying.

And I have a low threshold for annoying.

But this is the magic of Emma Stone. I always believe Emma Stone. My eyes are always only on Emma Stone. Even in those Spider-Man movies, 18 explosions could be going on while Spidey’s webbing his enemies and I’m looking for Emma Stone. Originally Emily Jean Stone. Which…I wish I could make eye contact with Duana right now because I know she’s thinking what I’m thinking: the middle name Jean! Britney Jean Spears! Middle Jean had a moment, didn’t she?

Emma speaks openly about her anxiety, about how acting help to control it. She also lives with her brother now in Malibu, with her dog. That’s interesting to me too. That she has a roommate. That she’s Emma Stone, A list Emma Stone, and she still has a roommate. Why not? It’s weird, isn’t it? When did roommating become associated with pre-success?

Maybe the manic pixie thing doesn’t bother me because she just gives a really good interview. Or maybe she gives a really good interview because, despite her insistence that she spends too much time in her own head, her answers have balance. She’s honest without being too earnest. She’s self-deprecating without seeming insincere.

Of her performance honouring Gilda Radner on the SNL 40th anniversary show? Here’s her answer. It’s perfect:

“It wasn’t great but it was fun.”

No, it wasn’t great. But she had a good time. And that’s exactly the right tone, isn’t it? Yes. Be critical of yourself. But you don’t have to beat yourself down extra just to prove you’re humble. She knows what it was. And still, it was a good time that night, it was great to be included that night.

So now I guess it’s time to talk about Andrew Garfield. Emma met with the WSJ the day after she was photographed leaving her stylist’s office with that paper bag with his name on it – click here for a refresher. Yeah. She kinda admits it. That she could have turned the bag around. And she didn’t. And that should be all the confirmation we need that they were never broken up to begin with. Her point though about not commenting on the rumours is a good one, and one that I’ve previously criticised George Clooney for. Because the moment you start responding to it with “No, this is not true”, you have to do it every time, it’s expected every time.

I just…I just wish she wasn’t a Woody Allen muse. I wish there wasn’t so much from Allen here, calling her the next Diane Keaton, worshipping her. Creeping her. I’d rather read more about how she’s really close with Bill Murray who advised her to not sing in her work and keep it to herself …which she ignored because she’s been prepping to start shooting a musical with Ryan Gosling. That, to me, carries a lot more street cred.

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