If you don’t love Emma Thompson, we’re not only fighting, we are fighting to the death.

Emma Thompson received her star today on the Walk of Fame. Maggie Gyllenhaal, her co-star in Nanny McPhee and her old schoolmate Hugh Laurie were on hand to celebrate with her. Look at her. She is game for every occasion.

Nanny McPhee
opens on August 20th in North America having already been released in the UK. Emma wrote the screenplay for the film and the previous one and has an Oscar for writing and acting and is currently working on an updated script for My Fair Lady. In her hands, I don’t worry.

Am attaching two videos on this momentous occasion. The first, well, if you haven’t already several times, you will very soon, and the second, a compilation of Emma’s appearances on Jonathan Ross and Ellen Degeneres. Note that she goes from “oh no I can’t” to spread eagle on that stripper pole in a matter of half a second. Kills me. How can you not adore her?

Photos from Wenn.com and Jason Merritt/Robyn Beck/Gettyimages.com