Emma rethinks

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 5, 2009 09:18:00 November 5, 2009 09:18:00

Emma Thompson put her name on that petition. You know the one. The one that so many of them signed in support of Roman Polanski. SO MANY. And among them so many of our favourites. Like Emma Thompson. But now an update, thanks to Elizabeth for sending the link.

Apparently Emma was recently confronted by someone disappointed in her decision and she explained that she’d been rethinking it and promised to remove her name from the list. Click here for more on what went down and Emma’s rationale.


But what about the others?

All the directors, the producers, the big name actors… Tilda Swinton and Natalie Portman, it’s f-cking with my sh-t. But also consider the associations. Mike Nichols is married to Diane Sawyer. So Diane Sawyer is married to man who supports a rapist? Same goes for Sam Mendes. Kate Winslet is married to a man who supports a rapist?


Click here to see the entire list. Please, please unsign.

This is Emma a couple of weeks ago at the UK premiere of An Education with Carey Mulligan and Dominic Cooper.

Photos from Wenn.com

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