How’s your Monday going? Are you tired? Are you still miserable from last night’s episode of Breaking Bad? I have something for that. I have the opposite of Breaking Bad: Emma Thompson.

There were a lot of big name, mega celebrities who came through TIFF this year. I promise you, none of them were Emma Thompson’s equal. Not one.

Emma came to promote a film called Love Punch. She promoted the SH-T out of Love Punch. And in doing so, she also threw down a challenge to some of her peers, especially the younger ones – press is part of the job, so do your f-cking job, and do it well. Stop sulking, stop pouting, stop complaining, stop saying it’s boring. It doesn’t have to be boring. Now remember this the next time a twenty-something young actor fronts like s/he’s only here for the acting and not for the selling.

When asked why she felt so comfortable in front of the camera, (Emma) Thompson told an audience she believed the relationship between actors and the press was “important". Saying she believed some young actors are “a bit snobby about doing press” and thought they were “above it”, she advocated her peers to publicly get behind their own films. She added she would always tell young actors to imagine their Hollywood blockbuster was their first performance at the Edinburgh festival.

“You go up the Royal Mile with a drum and you bang that drum and you say, ‘I’m in this show,” she said. “It’s really good, come and see it.’ That’s what you do. And if you don’t do that, no one will come and see your show because there are a million shows and there are a lot of people who are better than you. So you better get out on that street with that drum.” She added: “Explain why you love your show. Say why you think it’s good. Be behind it . . . And if you can't be behind it, don't do work you don't believe in. This is a job. Make it fun. Make it fun for other people, make it fun for yourself.”

She added she felt "passionate" and "very strongly" about the issue. (Source)

It’s a choice, see? You can choose to roll your eyes over being asked the same question, over and over again, or you can choose to make the experience enjoyable for everyone, including yourself. Why so many of them actively choose to make the experience an ordeal is a mystery to me, and, evidently, to Emma too.

So here’s Emma being awesome, at Roy Thomson Hall for the gala and also at the press conference, where for some reason she decided to make love to the wall.

Also…the interview.

This was the BEST interview of TIFF 2013. Not exaggerating. It’s Emma with Pierce Brosnan and etalk’s Jessi Cruikshank broadcast live during the Love Punch red carpet. I need you to watch this. As long as you watch this, you can tune me out of for the rest of the day. Because it’s the greatest thing you’ll ever see.

What will you see?

You’ll see Emma use a stanchion rope as a scarf. You’ll see her talk intriguingly about cranes. And facials. Then she goes for the bottle. It’s BANANAS. She’s bananas and it’s wonderful. Click here to watch starting at 8:45.