I love this.

reports that Emma Thompson will join Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black 3 as a character called “Oh”, the head of MIB. Kinda like M in Bond? Amazing, right?

She’ll be amazing. As she always is.

Filming on MIB3 is expected to begin next month. It will be 3D, release date May 2012. And Josh Brolin is apparently coming along for the ride too. Am very curious to watch Emma’s chemistry with all three men. Maybe she’ll lecture them about diction. She recently blasted English teens for f-cking around with the language – click here if you missed it.

You know what’s happening more and more lately?

“I would of gone to the store but I had no time.”

Also, Lindsay Lohan used the word “accept” the other day on Twitter when she really meant “except”.

Snooki is to be an author now though. I’m sure she knows the difference.

File photo from Wenn.com