Emma Watson at the London premiere of OoTP this afternoon. Cute blue cocktail, very age appropriate and she doesn’t look like a proper skank 10 years older. How refreshing.

When I interviewed her she mentioned she was attending fitting after fitting and had a boatload of clothes on the go for “publicity”. She said much of it was going to be “sparkly” – it was adorable. And she is adorable. And gorgeous. SO gorgeous. Am obsessed with the nose. Now that is a perfect nose.

What else is great about Emma? Note that she isn’t rockin’ the hardcore pose. At her age, Lindsay Lohan was already a master. But Emma? Somehow I can’t see her spending hours in front a mirror workin’ her angles. Not my girl…

Also attached – the three of them posing together and matching too. Dan’s eager beaver smile kills me.

As for the movie, I’m telling you…see it. If you are a fan of the books, it is worth it. It is worth it to go and startle yourself with how…PROUD you feel of the three of them. When Harry kicks some Dementor ass, when Ron is the best friend all boy’s should have, when they fight together and laugh together, when friendship is what sets him apart from his destined enemy, when love saves his soul – f&ck I’m crying again just thinking of it. I loved every second. And I especially loved this line:

No Professor, I must not tell lies.

Total nerd moment but it’s a fist pumper. Promise.

Oh but wait…now I’ve built it up too much. Sorry. Go in thinking it sucks. Then let’s discuss…