So here they are, on a carpet for Harry Potter for the very last time, in the sweltering heat of a New York City afternoon. Rupert’s head was totally wet by the time he went into the theatre. Daniel’s too. Emma, stayed remarkably dry. Makes such a difference having bare shoulders out there. Thoughts on her makeup? She decided to go really heavy for the premiere after keeping it pretty light for a Letterman appearance earlier in the afternoon. Me I’m an old lady so of course I prefer it fresh and natural, because her face is really, really so perfect, especially up close she has flawless skin, but Emma is 21, and it’s NYC, and she’s in a fancy dress, and she really is the Star among them so... I can see where her head is at.

Her head by the way is still in school. Turns out Emma will be at Oxford this year:

"I'm going to Oxford in the fall, to study English for a year. Just to explain, I haven't left Brown. I'm still enrolled at Brown, but I'm doing my third year abroad to study - at home."

I’m relieved!

Emma, Dan, and Rupert were, as always, really lovely with the fans, and very, very appreciative of the support, but it wasn’t the emotional burst the way it was last week in London. In London they were all a mess. Right now you get the sense they’re very, very, very ready to move on. Not that they’re not grateful for the experience. But, after so long, it’s time. I guess that’s our cue.

But have you seen what happened in London? Here are all their speeches in one clip. Don’t watch this if you can’t be seen sobbing at work.

PS. Am writing this in the lounge at La Guardia. Neville is on my flight. OMG. He’s actually even cuter in sweat pants and a t-shirt.

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