Emma Watson tweaked us up last week teasing about a new project on Twitter. Turns out, it’s just a cosmetics company contract. Lancome.

The company uses a rose in their marketing. And Emma was born in Paris. And she’s obviously been photographed before. And of course the hat corresponds to the accent over the “o” in Lancome. Lame. Boring. Besides, does being the new spokesperson for a beauty brand really require a pause from school? I mean, it’s posing for a few photographs, maybe shooting a commercial for a few days here and there, non?

Perhaps more announcements are on the way then. Perhaps Lancome is just the beginning that covers off the “professional” part of her statement that explained she’d be taking off a semester or two to focus on “professional and acting projects” and we’ll hear about the second phase of that soon. Right now though, it’s a little deflating. Like, I wanted the word riddle to be more than just makeup.

File photo from Wenn.com