All of us wondered during the liveblog if Emma Watson bitchfaced Emma Stone during Stone’s acceptance speech last night. Watson was seated behind Hailee Steinfeld. And Hailee Steinfeld was clapping like she’d never been let out of the house before which...that might be true. As Duana noted, juxtaposed with that kind of enthusiasm, Watson’s unamused expression seemed extra crusty.

The two did however pose together backstage. So now I’m trying to decide whether or not Watson was fake-smiling through it.

Despite that debatable bitchface moment though, Emma Watson, for the most part, looked like she was having a good time. She did not look like she was too cool, or in the case of those Twilight people, too awkward, to show that she was enjoying herself. She clapped like a co-ed during the performances. She held court after the show, having changed into a chartreuse second option, and out-personalitied the likes of Taylor Lautner, with his supposed girlfriend Lily Collins. She posed with Cameron Diaz, and enjoyed a moment with the newly single Andrew Garfield. So instead of wondering whether or not Watson was fake-smiling through her photo opp with Emma Stone, now I’m debating if she should start dating Spider-Man.

Better this than worry about what she’s wearing. First of all, as we collectively agreed all four of us – Duana, Sarah, Sasha – last night, it’s boring. Also the crease at the hem is bothering me, like she just had it let out in the car on the way over. But worst yet, it’s Marchesa...and well, I have already expressed concerns about Harvey Weinstein wooing her (click here for a refresher) and this only fuels to that. Please Emma (Watson, here, but both of them, really), be careful.

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