SO f-cking cute I can’t stand it. These are the visuals that make me want to be 20 again. On an unforgettable full day date in New York with that boy who gives you the wind tunnels in your stomach. Emma Watson is dating George Craig. He fronts a band called One Night Only. And he put her in his video. And the way they are together, even though it’s supposed to be pretend, is so irresistibly adorable, I found myself smiling the whole way through. And blushing for her. There’s something about the way they cut it, you feel like feels. It’s also her face. I love her face.

And I love her way. Emma’s way is casual at Glastonbury. In cut off jeans, and expensive blouses and corsets tailored for her own personal style, without major adornment, so that fashion fits her life and not the other way around. EMMA IS HER AGE. I say it too much but it’s because there’s not enough.

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