At Glastonbury today hanging with friends, enjoying a cold drink, she’s 20 and she’s celebrating her summer off, the way she should be in tall boots and snatch-safe shorts and a steezy corset to complete the look – so cute, so fresh, so young, so normal, as normal as possible under the extraordinary circumstances, no weave, no lip injections, and she keeps her business her own f-cking business... why don’t the ones in Hollywood end up this way?

Many of you have asked why Emma wasn’t at the Wizarding World grand opening last week in Orlando. I have no idea, and no one was given an official reason but Luna Lovegood and Hagrid weren’t there either and Emma had already visited a few weeks before and when asked about Emma, all members of the cast were quite convincing in saying that they were all tight and that she had them round to her place often for tearful reminiscing sessions and I tweaked up my smutty senses the entire time and should I be sorry to tell you that they weren’t tingling? You know I love drama, I would love to tell you that there’s drama, and I went searching for drama, but the drama wasn’t there.

As for Harry...

The new trailer will be released for the Deathly Hallows on Monday. Word is it will be better than the clip played at the MTV Movie Awards earlier this month. Of course it will be. Because this franchise, always, has been about quality. They don’t half ass anything, they don’t mess with their brand, they don’t dress their people up in sh-t weaves and expect you to eat it. And so we wait for that afternoon, 4pm PST. Will post as soon as it’s up.

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