This is Emma Watson arriving in London at the British GQ Awards in leather and tartan which reminds me a little of Sarah Jessica in Alexander McQueen at the Met Gala several years ago so I’m thinking this might be McQueen too? Perfect for her. A great look. Just the right amount of young and a little bad assy too. I love it. And she looks like she loves it too. Or she looks like she loves herself. Or both. Let’s face it... I still adore her, but she’s been on her way for a while.

No sign of Emma’s boyfriend Johnny Simmons. You’ve seen these pictures, right? Click here. She and Johnny Simmons met while working on The Perks of Being a Wallflower. They say there’s some wild in him. Is that Good for Gossip or not?

Emma’s first ad for Lancome was just released online last week. I’ve attached below. It’s rather derivative, but that demographic, the one they’re after, it’s exactly for them. And her smile at the very end is undeniably irresistible. But how does it smell? Am very curious.

Photos from and Tony Clark/