As expected, The Bling Ring will be screened at Cannes but not in competition. Not that that matters. All that matters, really, is that Sofia Coppola and her actors will represent on the tapis rouge. Hermione will be on the Croisette for the first time.

Here’s Emma Watson in London this weekend walking around with a friend, not unlike the way her character in The Bling Ring walks around West Hollywood, only she’s not wearing celebrity-stolen goods. The first trailer for The Bling Ring was released last week. I’ve attached below in case you haven’t seen it yet. Emma’s LA girl accent kills me. That’s actually how they talk. And while most of them, hopefully, don’t turn into criminals, the attitude, the motivation, that seems to be depicted in the preview, isn’t unique to those at the centre of the story. These are just some of the people who make LA so gross. Imagine what happens then when these people start working in the industry, with legitimate access and connections. You spend enough time there, or you live there, and it’s almost inevitable.

The Bling Ring is based on an article written by Nancy Jo Sales for Vanity Fair in 2010. Sales wrote that amazing article I’ve linked to several times before on Leonardo DiCaprio 15 years ago. Click here if you’ve not yet enjoyed The Suspects Wore Louboutins. And click here for a refresher on what happened when Alexis Neiers -- on whom Emma’s character is based -- first read Sales’s report in the magazine.