Emma’s breadcrumbs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 11, 2011 13:29:01 March 11, 2011 13:29:01

I love word mysteries! Even though I suck at them!

Emma Watson is weaving one on her Twitter. (Seriously, every sentence you can make with Twitter sounds dirty.) She hadn’t tweeted since February 22nd. Then today, out of the blue, this:

A new venture is starting - what can it be? Follow my clues and you will see...

A few hours later came the first hint:

I'll pierce your skin if you hold me wrong but I'll love you forever if you pass me on.

Errrm…a rose?

Most people seem to think Rose. Which has incited a mini sh-t storm over whether or not Rose means President Snow’s roses, and therefore The Hunger Games? As you recall, Emma’s pausing from school right now to work on professional opportunities. You can read my position on Emma’s suitability and probability for Katniss here.

As for where she’s actually going with this…

This is her Twitter: https://twitter.com/emwatson. Follow for more clues.

File photo from Wenn.com

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