Emma Watson kept her hair short for, what was it?, like two years? She cut it right after she’d completed her work on Harry Potter, almost as though she was symbolically separating herself from a character she’d played for a decade. And it worked. For a long time, the Emma Watson in my mind’s eye was the gamine with the pixie cut.

And now that, at least aesthetically, we’ve become accustomed to a different Emma, it’s refreshing again to see her with long hair, dark, framing her face, in character here for Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring. Here’s Emma on set this week in a variety of different outfits, including tiny denim shorts, making her legs even longer with heels. Hermione became an LA girl. But can Hermione act like an LA girl? I can’t wait to see this movie. I hope it’s more than just a factual re-telling about how those punks ran around the Hills lifting designer bags, that it can also be interpreted as an indictment of young Hollywood culture. After all, who do you think Lindsay Lohan’s friends are?