Emma Watson, who is usually able to keep a low profile when she’s not working, gave us a lot to see and write about this weekend. With the BAFTAs happening in England, she was out at pre-parties and dinners, super A list at every event, and then tonight in London it was the ELLE Style Awards. She was named Style Icon. Agree.

While I don’t love her dress on this occasion – the side cutout there scares me – it doesn’t mean she doesn’t look amazing. Because she does. Emma is obviously beautiful, sure. But there’s something else going on here, non? She’s confident. But she’s not cocky. And even though her skirt is hiked up pretty high, there’s nothing tawdry about Emma’s steeze at all. She’s just not that girl.

She is however really, really fit. Thin, sure. But strong. Healthy. Look at those legs. I mean, I guess it’s beginning to sound a little pervy but so many of her peers (like Emma Roberts) look so sickly and frail (especially Emma Roberts) it’s refreshing to see a girl who puts the right kind of effort into her appearance.

Great example of how a nude shoe elongates the leg. She doesn’t have terribly long ones, being not that tall. But here they go for miles.

Am also attaching pictures of Emma leaving a BAFTA dinner the other night (in an amazing Burberry trench) with Harvey Weinstein and some friends. They hopped into his Rolls Royce and he took them to a club. Harvey has made it clear he wants to work with her and although Emma doesn’t need to offer much in exchange to work with him, seeing as she’s in a much better position than some of the other, um, fillies in his stable, it makes me uneasy that he’s around, is all. Picture him, Harvey, with a group of girls at Mahiki? Gross? Or just me?

Photos from Daniel Deme/WENN.com and Splashnewsonline.com