This was all over the liveblog just now and my inbox – did Emma Watson cut her hair off so that she could be Lisbeth Salander in the English film version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Well, I believe Emma when she says her cut was for style and not for work.

Also...let’s consider the source:

The entire story originated from the UK Sun. Which pretty much means we can pack up, go home, and pretend this never happened. For reals. The UK Sun is notoriously unreliable on casting, on hook ups, on so f-cking much. I’m telling you, it’s not a good starting point.

Add to that the fact that Gossip Cop has contacted Emma’s rep to verify the story and was met with strong denial, and while I know publicists can be bullsh-tters too, in combination with the shady origin of the story, I believe the official word.

Sarah from Cinesnark also pointed out during our live chat that Emma’s committed to school this fall which is when Fincher will be shooting the film. Scheduling-wise, it doesn’t seem to work.

As for whether or not I think she’s Lisbeth...

No. Again no.

Lisbeth, as already noted, has to be fresh. A revelation. I don’t want Lisbeth to come with movie baggage. I want to meet Lisbeth. I don’t want to already know Lisbeth. If Lisbeth can’t be Noomi Rapace – who speaks perfect English by the way which is even MORE insulting but why would you expect anything different from Hollywood (thanks Jennifer!) – then Noomi should be NEW.

Feel so strongly about this that am tempted to dedicate an entire liveblog session to this topic only. Lots of exclamation points.