Remember Winona Ryder’s shag in Reality Bites? It’s one of my favourite hairstyles of all time. And you can’t quite get there when you cut it deliberately with that in mind. The best shags are the ones that happen naturally in the process of being grown out.

Emma Watson is growing it out. And her shag, while not quite as awesome as Winona’s Lelaina Pierce, is pretty f-cking great.

Here’s Emma featured in the new issue of Marie Claire UK. It’s not a particularly illuminating interview: growing up in the spotlight was weird but now she’s more comfortable with it and has learned not to take criticism so personally and family and friends come before work and she’s a perfectionist and is very hard on herself. Typical fashion magazine conversation. And Emma’s not one to get dishy anyway. Unless that changes when she promotes The Bling Ring this summer, hopefully.  A release date has yet to be announced. And we’ve not yet seen a trailer either. Having said that, I feel like Cannes could be a possibility. Can’t wait to see Emma Watson by Sofia Coppola as an LA girl who needs the bag and the boyfriend.

Also attached - a couple of promo shots of Emma in The Bling Ring released to French Premiere. Click here for more of Emma in Marie Claire UK.