She was surrounded by them at the BAFTA Soho House Grey Goose afterparty the other night! Best, she wasn’t photographed within five minutes settling for the first dude to bring her a tequila shot. This is the Lohan way. But not the Emma Watson way.

Instead, Emma took her time assessing her options. First she joined Robert Pattinson for a warm up lap around the room – this girl has been well trained! – then demurred when he asked her to hit up Harvey Weinstein’s. She said she’d meet him there later.

Next it was Jamie Dornan, Keira Knightley’s ex boyfriend, ironically my original choice to have played Edward Cullen. He used to be beautiful. Not so sure anymore because since he and Keira broke up, no one takes his picture anymore.

Emma took a pass.

So along came Nicholas Hoult – Marcus in About a Boy and then the depraved Tony in Skins. Skins! You MUST watch Skins! Anyway, Nicholas didn’t get very far with Emma either because she took off for the Harvey Weinstein after-afterparty and ended up whispering in a corner with a boy called Alex Pettyfer, exchanging numbers, closing the place down, and then heading home separately.

This is how we do.


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