It’s meant to tell us that we’re closer...but goddamn, it still feels like a long stretch: yesterday marked 100 days until the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, the beginning of the end.

Of course right now however, it’s time to market the sh-t out of it, starting with fan engagement, which is why Emma Watson was enlisted to promote the new Facebook page – click here to access - with a video encouraging the hardcore to “Join the Final Battle”, sign up for premiere passes, and more. It’s the closest I’ve come to wanting to join Facebook.

Am loving Emma’s hair more and more so much. Am also loving the comments about it online probably from the same MiniVan idiots who think the Brange are trying to transgender the Chosen One:

Short hair is for boys!

Emma cut her hair like a lesbian!

People are f-cked. WE are f-cked.