Emma Watson's been wearing a bold lip consistently for months. And she continues to wear a bold lip through the early part of the press tour for Noah, here in Madrid for the premiere last night. I'm obsessed with this outfit. But I'm more obsessed with her face. She looks amazing with hair swept to the side (I need that hair accessory!) and, yes, that bold lip.

The bold lip ages her. Which is the point. This is how Emma wants you to see her now. Not cute. Not young. Not timid. Rather mature. Aggressive. Bold. Like her lip. It's all in the lip.

Can styling, and makeup, transform an image?

You could say it's a natural progression. That this was organic, that it would have happened anyway. Sure. But there's also nothing wrong with planning it either. And, besides, it speaks to the growing importance of styling to the industry, to the celebrity ecosystem. Zoe Saldana addressed it last year in the stylist issue of The Hollywood Reporter. She specifically said that working with Petra Flannery showed the studio the impact that a red carpet performance could make in the overall marketing plan of a film, drawing a direct line between the product and a dress. A dress!

Also.. Lipstick!