I love everything about Emma Watson’s look at Letterman yesterday. All of it. Even the slingback and I’m not normally feeling a slingback. But the suit is beautifully tailored. And the pant length is amazing. And I’m never going to complain about a crisp white shirt.

You’ll note, Emma continues to work the bold lip. This is very helpful, stylists. Please remember this. It’s a bonus for coverage if we can identify a celebrity’s career schedule by their lip colour, or other signature style moves. Like, in 10 years, because I do think Emma Watson will have professional longevity, I might be able to say, just looking at an outfit, what era it came from.

Emma, of course, is promoting Noah which opens on Friday. The film is currently rating at a pretty positive 76% on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s a lot better than the buzz we’ve been hearing leading up to the release. Noah goes up against Divergent in its second week and some are predicting we might actually see a $41 million take. Are you going to Noah this weekend? Do you know anyone who is?