Emma Watson’s wardrobe choices in Cannes today for the photo call and presser were really boring. I posted those pictures to the LifeStyle page. Was hoping she was saving something for the gala.


The back is interesting-ish, I guess. But it’s all kinds of shrug from the front starting at the hair. Hate the skirt in particular. And I’m normally all over a dress or skirt with pockets but these pockets are super unflattering. And the way the skirt is sitting, from some angles, it gives her weird proportions. Check it from the back.

If I were to offer an explanation, mine would be that Emma decided to go understated and underwhelm on the carpet because it’s an ensemble film, and she didn’t want what she was wearing to dominate her castmates, especially when she’s clearly the most famous person among them. How many of you have bothered to learn the names of the other people in the movie? I haven’t. And this is my job.

If that’s the case, do you give her a pass for being so sweet and considerate? Or would you still rather that she’d have thrown down some serious dress porn?

Kidman? Where are you? It’s your time now. Come soon.