The outfit is good. It’s cute, it’s elegant, it’s her age, and she almost never, ever goes wrong in that respect. How can you find fault with what she’s wearing here? You’re going out of your way to look if that’s the case.

Where I sometimes don’t feel Emma Watson though is the makeup. It can be unnecessarily harsh. Unnecessary overall. I mean, Emma’s really doesn’t need much. Just a little blush, some mascara, a pink gloss, and really, you’re done.

OK I’m sure there was more than that on her face last night, fine, but the idea behind it was neutral – not a lot of crazy shadow eye sh-t happening, no severe lips, can you hear your old lady auntie saying it in her nasal, know-it-all voice?

Makeup should only enhance. Makeup should never take over. God I think I might be turning into that auntie.