The paps are trying to tell me that this is her new boyfriend having broken up with Johnny Simmons. I dunno. I mean she’s studying at Oxford, she’s meeting new people, I’m not sure a guy she goes shopping with, who spends the night and doesn’t change his red pants, qualifies as a bonafide boyfriend. Let the girl be 21.

So have you read Emma Forrest’s Your Voice In My Head yet? Sasha’s reading it now and she messaged me last night to say, “I want to weep at how much I love it already. It’s freaking me out a bit. Like these are the kind of books I seek but never know they exist.”

It was my favourite book of 2011, click here for my review. And, as reported just before Christmas, David Yates (Harry Potters 5-8) will be directing the film adaptation from a screenplay written by Forrest herself.

Curiously enough, Yates recently said of working with Emma Watson again:

"I’ve got a really great script for Emma Watson. I just have her voice in my head for this part, an amazing role and she’ll knock it out of the park."  (Source)

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Will Emma play Emma?

I don’t know how I feel about this yet. Am still trying to work it out. I know some of you must be like, oh no, she’s too Hermione to be Emma Forrest, but I think that’s where the challenge would be, right? Because it all started when Emma Forrest was young. And you need to see her go into her head and almost destroy herself, and you can’t appreciate the darkness of that unless you have some lightness to contrast it with.

The question then is whether or not Emma Watson has the skill to go there. If she does, she’s certainly never been asked to use it. Do I want Emma Watson to be trying that out, for the first time, on a story I love so much and don’t want f-cked up?