Emmanuelle Riva did not win. Emmanuella Riva did not campaign. It proved the point in the Vulture article I linked to last week: campaigning doesn’t guarantee a win, but NOT campaigning pretty much guarantees not winning. Duana mentioned that the only exception to that recently would be Mo’Nique. But I wonder, in openly declaring that she refused to campaign, was that Mo’Nique’s campaign?

It wasn’t that Riva deliberately decided NOT to campaign. It almost just seems like… it never came up. She barely showed up. Mo’Nique still showed up, like at all the events, remember? Riva only did Oscar, and it was less of campaign gesture than it was a respect gesture, to her industry and her peers. When she arrived on the carpet she twirled and played, delightful and distinguished and, I truly believe, not at all disappointed.

To go back to Quvenzhane Wallis, I wonder how she might deal with the same in a few years.