Emma Stone’s award season choices so far have been…kinda…same-same, right? Similar silhouettes, not that much edge? Duana always says I have an award season fashion theory. It’s a theory with two parts. First that they bank their best dresses for the biggest most high profile shows, with the biggest show being Oscar, obviously, and second that if you are the frontrunner in your category, what you wear to the Oscars will probably not be the Best Dressed of the night. With all that pressure comes a lot less opportunity to be imaginative and/or style forward. Because if/when you win, those pictures, that dress, they’re forever. Think of it then like a wedding dress. You want it to be looked at in, whatever, 50 years, and still feel timeless.

I feel like that’s why Emma’s been so conservative with her choices this entire season. She is the presumed frontrunner. She added the BAFTA for Best Actress last night to the Golden Globe and the SAG that she already has. Right now it’s hers to lose. So I’m not expecting to gasp with surprise and delight on Oscar night. It will be lovely, I’m sure. Probably gold and sparkly? But I’m also pretty sure it won’t be exciting. Her most exciting look of the season might be what we saw at the BAFTAs. This Chanel dress with the pants – and the anklet, which is how it was sent down the runway – is exactly what we’ve typically come to expect from Emma Stone. On the runway they had a belt around the waist too. I prefer it without. I prefer it the way Emma’s wearing it. I f-cking love how the pants make this an entirely different situation. Otherwise, it’s really just a dress with a plunging neckline. Again though, this kind of high fashion playfulness is likely not showing up on February 26th.

As for Emma’s chances – does winning the BAFTA after the SAGs mean she’s locked up the Oscar? Sarah and I were discussing this last night. It’s probably a good bet….but I stillllllll feel like Isabelle Huppert could pull it off. They’ve yet to go head-to-head. Isabelle was not nominated for a SAG or a BAFTA. And both of those nominations were announced before the Oscar nominations. The Academy specifically included Isabelle. And she’s been spending a lot of time in LA making her case. As you know, Oscar voting starts today and while Oscar voters will have seen the headline about Emma at the BAFTAs, Isabelle showed up at the BAFTAs too, to present (ahem, why wouldn’t she have been a better choice to present Best Picture over Tom Hiddleston?!?), so you know, you know she’s putting her face out there any chance she can get.

Finally, Emma and Andrew Garfield were both in London for BAFTA weekend and having a great time together. The fandom is very excited about this photo of them hugging. And waving to each other during the show. And wondering whether or not it means they’re back together. Or are making their way back to each other. Does it look that way to you? Or does it seem more like they’re just so totally fine with being friends now – just friends – for life?