Aside from a few exceptions, every dress came from Tacky Town. Which is good news for us. Impossible to include every photo, every celebrity but hopefully what’s included will suffice? Especially the sucky ones? Style commentary will follow but first a few thoughts:

Laura Linney is OVERDUE. When Oscar???

Ricky Gervais to host next year… with Steve Carell? Anything but those five fools. Please.

Now I know why I don’t watch Project Runway USA. Heidi Klum’s voice hurts animals. Perhaps even more unbearable than David Beckham’s.

Was Tom Hanks wearing a hairpiece?

Tina Fey…Tina Fey…Tina Fey… worship Tina Fey…

Would you rather:

Be friends with Emmy Rossum or sit through another Josh Groban tv show anthem medley? F7cking brutal stinky cheese. The boy sings for grandmothers.

Tina Fey…Tina Fey… Tina Fey…Tina Fey…

PS. As always, would love to hear from you. Can’t write back to all but promise to read every message!