Emmy Awards 2010

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 30, 2010 08:02:00 August 30, 2010 08:02:00

I thought the open was really good. And two Canadians represented too – both Cory Monteith and Nina Dobrev were invited to join in the Springsteen Glee homage led by Jimmy Fallon and almost stolen by Jon Hamm’s amazingness. As for Fallon as host, well, it was a strong beginning and then the singing fallback got a little tired. Non? Duana didn’t think so. Duana thought overall that the show was solid. I thought overall, and maybe it’s because I was watching on a laptop and not on a proper television, that the show was underwhelming.

In an auditorium full of people who are supposed to sparkle, you know who sparkled the most?

Temple Grandin. Jumpy claps for Temple Grandin.

Everyone else though just seemed ...underwhelming. Especially George Clooney.

Having said that, big ups to the Academy for finally making it interesting, for voting for fresh faces, new names, for actually making it somewhat suspenseful, a real race. There is new blood in the game. That should only make the game better. Oh but Matthew Fox wanted it so badly, did you see?

And so it should be, I guess. That quality and content are dominating on television. That interesting characters, especially for women, are constantly being introduced, that the Academy is rewarding those achievements and encouraging more, perhaps, hopefully, in an effort to curb the takeover of reality television? This might be a wishful stretch.

As for the business of style – there were certainly a few notables, and we’ll highlight some of those, but there were no spectaculars either. Nothing made me fall down and die from love, nothing made me jump up and shout with loving hate. And Rita Wilson doesn’t count. Because we want our flops to come from the prime targets.

A few Emmy selections are below.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please do email me. I may not be able to write back, but I read every message.

Also, on the liveblog we all agreed – Betty White fatigue.

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