So Alec Baldwin was supposed to appear in the opening video. Baldwin made a joke about News Corp and the phone hacking business. The bit was subsequently cut. As such, he decided not to be part of it at all which is why Leonard Nimoy ended up playing the president. (Source)

Let’s make this super, super obvious, shall we? News Corp owns Fox. Fox aired the Emmys. Fox and Alex Baldwin? Well... it’s obviously never happening. But, but, but... what about Glee you say? Gay is only ok if it sings and dances, that’s what they keep telling themselves.

I hate red shoes (see how terrible they looked on Kaley Cuoco?) and I’m not a fan of the red dress. It’s never my first choice, it’s not even my 10th choice. And I certainly don’t know why red shows up on a carpet. Why would you choose to bleed into the carpet? Too much red was on the carpet last night. Too much red and no Glee at all. Glee was shut out. As it should be. Because Glee is not a good show. Glee has become a lazy show. If Gossip Girl doesn’t win Emmys, why should Glee?

Also, why does Giuliana from E! insist on mispronouncing EVERYTHING? As if Loo-boo-TAWN wasn’t bad enough, now she and they are all butchering Lanvin. My friend Lorella alerted me to it yesterday. Then I turned on the tv and heard it myself: Rancic calling Lanvin LON-VAWN. Ew!

So anyway, here comes the wrap-up. And we will most certainly fight. Like why isn’t Maria Bello the Best Dressed? Because, well, how many times have you seen it before? It was hard to find a best dressed. No one really made it anything original. Unless of course it was ugly. If it were up to me I’d say simply that Kyle Chandler wins everything and call it a column.

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Here’s Lonely Island performing last night. I always crack up when they drop the American flag right when Akon is singing about having sex last night. More than dicks in boxes and/or motherf-ckers and lovers, this is what Lonely Island does best - identify and mock the ridiculous and random sh-t that you don’t actually notice anymore which, in itself, has become part of the problem. Why does an American flag always accompany the “shoe sale” adverts that blast across your tv? The flag is beautiful and it has a great history and a purpose though I’m just not sure how it’s served on discount pair of wedges, you know?

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