When we talked last night in preparation for how we’d split up the style coverage, Lucy Liu was Duana’s Worst Dressed...as she shows up on every other list as the Best. Oh because it’s tight and silver and sparkled like a new toy on television.

Versace, of course.

And that’s part of the letdown. How original is Lucy Liu in Versace? And Lucy Liu in a superhero, Wonder Woman variation of the same dress Donatella sends down the runway every season with maybe a minor tweak here and there...

I mean look at Lucy Liu. Lucy Liu has it, you know? Lucy Liu can wear anything. Lucy Liu can be a gamechanger. Lucy Liu could take a crazy McQueen from collection presentation to a red carpet. Lucy Liu could hold up a Vivienne Westwood maybe even better than Sarah Jessica Parker. So to find her, once again, in a clinging Versace with some sequins, I dunno, it’s just not that interesting, sorry.