Claire Danes is like Kristen Bell for Duana now: a blind spot. Duana loves Veronica Mars so much she makes allowances for Bell. And since she loved MSCL so much and now Homeland, she wouldn’t hear it from me when I raged about Danes’s humourless face all night during the show. Also I guess we’re not supposed to talk sh-t about people who are carrying babies because mothers are holy and beyond reproach.

But goddamn if she just doesn’t look so ... pinched... all of the time. And when they called her name for the win, it was as though they’d just inconvenienced her. Sorry Claire! We want to celebrate how great you are in Homeland and what extraordinary range you have as an actor! Would it be ok to come up and accept this little award? We apologise for making you do this and, like, be honoured and sh-t.

Some of you weren’t feeling her dress. I thought it was great on the carpet and the colour very much suited her. There was a pattern in the fabric that I would have liked to see in person. But as the night wore on, it seemed to lose its structure and deflate. Like a fancy hairstyle that goes limp by dawn, or a balloon.