Is it weird that I am comforted by strangers I’ve never met on Twitter? Does it make a difference if they’re famous strangers? Because they are all saying the same thing this morning.  

“Tatiana Maslany was robbed.”

It was always the longest of long shots, of course – a Canadian show on BBC America, (largely) unknown actress, and a Sci-Fi premise. But I am telling you. You will get no greater enjoyment this year than out of ten episodes of Orphan Black. Spend that time with Sarah and Cosima and Alison and Helena – to say nothing of those still to come – and then tell me Maslany didn’t at least earn the right to stand up there with those women, if not win altogether.

Because the thing with the Emmys is that they go with what’s established. There’s no other explanation for why Michelle Dockery is getting another nomination. In fact, in that category…no love for Marguelies, but another nod for Elisabeth Moss? Look, I LOVE Elisabeth Moss. She’s talented and endearing and the fact that she’s also nominated for Top Of The Lake tells us she’s the real deal, but what happened to not having much to submit for in a given season? Christina Hendricks had a submission year for sure (and got the nomination) but Moss?

And of course I’m pleased for Kerry Washington, and she and Britton are holding down the “network TV” representation. But the category is overstuffed, Dockery. And Danes for that matter. Oh, and don’t get me started on Morena Baccarin in the supporting actress category. Pretty does not equal actress, Emmy voters! Also, revoke my fan card now, but I actually can’t get mad at the lack of Monica Potter. It’s not that she’s not good but… was she surprising? I don’t know that she was.

The men’s side is a little more even, and though people are losing their minds over Matthew Rhys being shut out for The Americans (currently consuming rabidly, and loving), I actually have less issue here. Which isn’t to say none. Only one GOT nod  - Dinklage again - in a year when I feel like Jaime Lannister coulda been a contender. And I am trying hard to be mad that Jeff Daniels is nominated for playing the insufferable Will McAvoy but you know what? It takes work to be that insufferable. I guess the unsurprising part is that Cranston will win, again, but…

The question is, why do we care? We know not everyone can be nominated. We roll our eyes at how easily “Connie Britton” trips off the tongue… now. Where was that during seasons 1-4 of FNL? When we whined, last year, that Modern Family had too many nods, and now this year it’s a nonissue (except in the Men’s Supporting category), why can’t we be happy with that?     

The Emmys are always going to be an inexact science, so, like a bad employee you’re stuck with, you have to praise the good, right? Washington. Hendricks and Moss on a show where they both get the room. House Of Cards paving the way for TV in a whole new way. Lena Dunham drives me crazy but I’m always happy to see another woman in the directing category.

Also, it’s a given that you feel more invested when you’ve seen everything on offer, so now you know what to study up for. Also Orphan Black, for when the Emmys catch their snap on that in two years’ time. I will be consuming Bates Motel.

Until then, we’ll always have the vast majority of Hollywood who also aren’t nominated to keep it real for us. In the immortal words of my buddy Joshua Malina: 

Attached – Aaron Paul and NPH announcing the Emmy nominations this morning.