The Emmy Nominations can usually be a little predictable.  Until they’re not.

There is only one headline here: 

TATIANA MASLANY nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of EVERYONE in Orphan Black. Amy Schumer (also nominated) was so happy about it she tweeted at her with the hashtag #notsnubbed. It didn’t stop Deadline from spelling her name wrong, but it’s a big fat step in the right direction, now that everyone will watch the show, I think.

Taraji P. Henson is nominated in that same category, as are Viola Davis and Elisabeth Moss and Claire Danes and Robin Wright, so I think the key here is that there’s no way to be happy. Because people who love Cookie also love Sarah and Helena and Cosima and Allison, and Peggy had a huge year – I just don’t want all of this newness to mean that it goes to Claire Danes again. And neither does Claire Danes. I promise. Because she knows it will be about a vote split, not about real life.

No, this will be the story this year, because the nom for Maslany means things are changing, and all things don’t have to be the same wins as they’ve been for years.  The Lead Actress in a Comedy has some bright spots too – Lisa Kudrow for The Comeback is easily the performance I’ve referenced the most all year, except maybe for Amy Schumer. The others, the old guard, have been referencing them too.

But I can’t be kept happy because the big snubs are The Americans, in any category but writing (and a guest spot for Margo Martindale), The Affair, in any category at all, and Gina Rodriguez who could easily have displaced at least three other nominees in that outstanding comedy actress category. These are the real performances and stories and shows that are getting lost because people think they have to watch network television. Or worse, have to watch things that even the actors don’t want to talk about. Remember when Frances McDormand won for Olive Kitteridge and her speech was “could we all go back to work now please?” 

I’m bored to tears at the old dogs like Homeland and Downton Abbey and Modern Family sticking around, yes, and I want to know what Jeff Daniels has on Emmy voters that he keeps getting nominated. LET THESE GO. It’s not that big a deal that Kevin Spacey has deigned to be on a TV show.

But the happy surprises are so good. Gaby Hoffman has two different nominations.  Key and Peele are up for a handful, including a supporting actor nom for Keegan-Michael Key. Kate McKinnon is nominated.

There will be a spectacular cast of characters at the Emmys. Please God that they invite Abby and Ilana to present something. Now that the floodgates are beginning to open, let’s rush them. Maybe Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell can shoot a sketch about being at home in their sweats, snubbed yet again. At the end of the day the Emmys are a choice, I guess. Do you want to be happy about what we got, or mad about what we didn’t?

Attached - Tatiana at SiriusXM during Comic-Con on Friday, and Uzo Aduba, Television Academy Chairman & CEO Bruce Rosenblum, Cat Deeley announcing the Emmy nominations today.