Oh please. Is he serious? Is he f*cking serious? I remember watching Dawson’s Creek a few years ago, Chad Michael Murray played a character named Charlie, I think it was Charlie, love interest first for Jen Linley, eventually winning Joey’s heart before … I can’t be bothered to remember. The point is, he’d come on and my husband would have a seizure. Literally explode into a rage, since watching adolescent drivel was barely tolerable, watching Chad’s helmet head explosion was too much for him to handle, to say nothing of that poser squinty eye expression, like we were expected to drop down and orgasm every time he opened his mouth. Give me a f&cking break. Nice to see some things don’t change – still a wanker, still cheese as all Rossum, cheating punk itching to get out. Here he is at some premiere last night with his child fiancée who GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL just this year. Only a matter of time, don’t you think? Source