Gotta love Stella McCartney – notoriously opposed to her father’s relationship with that golddigging slut from the very beginning, Stella is naturally livid over Heather’s recent suggestions that her mother Linda had also been abused by Paul…so much so that she apparently flew into a rage and threatened to kick Heather’s ass, only to be held off by Paul at the door, pleading for her to calm down for the sake of her baby. According to the News of the World, Stella and Heather faithfully adhered to a *Hate Pact* throughout the course of Heather’s relationship with Paul, agreeing to steer clear of one another at all costs. Sources say Stella stood by helplessly as her father’s fortune was exploited but that she was the one Paul turned to as the marriage deteriorated, spending time listening to his frustrations, pleading with her father to cut it off before it was too late. Paul however wanted to keep trying and so in May he asked to attend marriage counselling with Heather to get things back on track. Heather rejected him, insisting that it was he who was the problem, she adamantly refused to stop spending obscene amounts of money on things she never used, and she would not take accountability for any break down in their relationship, As a result, Paul started “drinking heavily” and Heather started carrying around a Prada bag, now believed to contain a tape recorder – the first sign that she was mounting a smear campaign to go after his money. For what it’s worth, everyone I’ve talked to has dismissed any possibility of incriminating evidence in the form of audio or video recordings. Heather may have tried to entrap Paul into regretful behaviour but chances are slim to none that her attempts were successful, though most agree that she will not hesitate to leak misleading clues about their existence as a form of psychological extortion in the hopes that Paul will tire of the battle and give in to her financial demands. No wonder then that Stella has coined the most brilliant expression, like, ever. When describing how ill she felt due to morning sickness, Stella referred to it as “Heather-ing” – clearly meant to denote the most awful, the most unbearable bout of vomiting you can experience…also an apt way to describe how I feel when faced with the pile of vile sugar known as Emmy Rossum. As Stella would say – I am Heathering. Source