Rossum has a new movie coming out called Dragonball. Live action manga. It premiered yesterday in Japan.

Rossum is far from the first star of the film. Not even the second. Maybe the third. But fourth would be most accurate. Heh. The way she’s dressed and posing however, you’d think she was the f-cking Julia Roberts of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Fair’s fair though and the dress - I love the dress. Unlike most of her virgin gowns, there’s some sass to this number, especially how short it gets, and it does fit her beautifully.

But then comes the posing. And the blow kissing. And those doe eyes. And the sweetness, it begins to violate you. And suddenly there’s an enormous stick of sugar, it’s stuck in my ass and it won’t come out.

F-cking Rossum.

Time for a new round of Would You Rather:

Would you rather:

Be locked in a room with no windows, listening to Rossum singing, for 24 hours straight and no breaks… or touch Billy Ray Cyrus’s soul patch?

Go ahead. Go throw up. I’ll wait here.

To ease your nausea, am throwing in some Chow Yun Fat.

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