You know it’s bad when Paris Hilton has a hotter career than you do. This is Emmy Rossum’s reality. And this is why aside from trying and failing miserably to become a singer, Emmy’s only professional activity is walking every carpet – no matter what the event – she’s invited to, as often as possible, wearing a variation of the same dress as always and pointing those doe eyes at the camera until the person on the other side of the lens dry heaves from the sweetness.

Check out Emmy at some Redbook gala the other night predictably twirling around her innocence in a white dress and prairie flushed cheeks.

No but seriously…if Hollywood Ebola is getting more movie offers – and singing ones at that! – isn’t it time to pack it in, Rossum? Isn’t it about time you marry some rich dude who will keep you in Laura Ashley forever and disappear into suburbia?

Just asking…