Seriously…this is all time. All.F&CKING.TIME. The most nauseating Rossum ever!!! Is that redundant?

First, Rossum at some party last night wearing red and waves and her trademark teacher’s pet smile. Gag.

But the best… the best is the latest post on her blog, dedicated to Buzz Aldrin. I guarantee you. I guarantee the first paragraph will make you want to drive a Louboutin through your own eye. Be warned.

Buzz and the Moon
Last night I was sitting out on the grass thinking about what"s been going on, watching the stars, the moon. I can sit and watch the sky forever. If I had not followed my heart into music, I would have followed it into space. When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming an astronaut. I used to imagine what was beyond the sky and what it would feel like to float around in space. It seemed so calm there, so peaceful, so beautiful. I suppose, for me, it"s always been the unreachable that is the most mysterious and intriguing.

My hero was Buzz Aldrin, the lunar module pilot on Apollo 11. I know I wasn"t even born when he stepped onto the moon in 1969 so I didn"t get to see it live on TV, but I remember first hearing about it when I was a little girl from my mom, my grandparents and others who actually saw it live when it happened… and of course I"ve seen the images replayed many times since. First Armstrong and then Aldrin bounding out onto that amazing untouched landscape in the pitch dark. What courage they must have had, I can only imagine. Jumping off into the darkness, into uncertainty with purpose, so inspired me.

Not long ago, I actually met Buzz Aldrin through cousins of mine at a party in Los Angeles. I must admit I was completely star-struck and (barely) managed to contain myself. (I"m adding a picture of the two of us!) We talked for quite some time. He was charming, vibrant, very intelligent, and (ironically) down to earth! He asked about me and we talked about music and I promised to send him my music when it was finished. Watching the sky last night, thinking about my childhood dreams and Buzz, I remembered our talk and went into the house and sent him a gift copy on iTunes. Yes, I have his private email address! (I wonder if he has iTunes?)

Buzz, you"re the man.

The courage you showed on that day let"s me know that everyone has the power to affect the world one step at a time. I hope you like the music.



Thanks Natalie!