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Hollywood rapes all good things. Emmy Rossum sugar rapes every good thing. And some assholes in Hollywood have decided to let Rossum rape Shameless. Yes. It’s an American version of the show for Showtime which will star William H Macy as the Gallagher patriarch and Emmy sodding Rossum as …FIONA.

If you know Shameless you love Shameless, and in loving Shameless I know you must feel the same way. Violent. She makes me feel violent. And now even more so. Because she’ll be violating a beloved British import – THIS IS A CRIME, motherf-cker.

I don’t need to tell you that Shameless launched James McAvoy. It’s where he met his wife Anne-Marie Duff who, yes, was Fiona. And now Fiona’s legacy is being doused in saccharine and reduced to sh-t.

I hate people.

Let’s feel better with a new round of Would You Rather Rossum, shall we?

Would You Rather:

Be friends with Emmy Rossum, allowing her to sing at you at least once a day


Star in a porn video featuring Jon Gosselin with Ed Hardy tats all over your back.

Before you choose, remember what she sounds like:

Porn. Tats. No doubt.

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